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Dagmar Baumann

beeldend kunstenaar

for three years in a row during Art Rotterdam begin February, Heyer Thurnheer, Kathrin Wolkowizc and me come together in studio 004 in the studiocomplex at Borgerstraat 24 to make an installation in which we lean our individual works to form all kinds of relations in the studio-space. With an open mind we render the works in a new interrelated way to create an invitation to read and experience the work as functions in the encounter with each other and with the public.

pink brushstroke

one stroke mural with fluorescent paint | pile of cardboard with photograph | works of Dagmar Baumann and Heyer Thurnheer

collection of cut out headlines from german and dutch newspapers from 1985 to 2017 of Dagmar Baumann | painting 50×70 cm | acrylic on canvas | 2017 | Kathrin Wolkowizc

projection and minicardboardbox

projection on paper of a documentation of a performance in which a groep of people reads a manifesto | fragment of hanging shelf with cardboard sculptures |works of Heyer Thurnheer in the foreground


view through Heyer’s shelf with the projection of the film, cardboard boxes in the window on the background and the wall with the hanging newspaper headlines and Kathrin’s paintings | Heyer’s little cardboard pile with drawings in oil and watercolor of Dagmar and a handprinted boek with singular letters on every page of Kathrin

view from the door

view to the left from the entrance door | drawing on cardboard leaning to the wall with the pink brushstroke Heyer Thurnheer | painting 35X40cm | hare | 2016 | oil and watercolor on canvas Dagmar Baumann

pile of us

drawing in cardboard box Heyer | stencil for a painting on translucent foil Kathrin | drawing A4 oil and chalk on paper Dagmar

wall and headlines and paintings

view to the right from the door


boxes on table with a print A5 on matte paper showing a pavement in the Oman discussed by three geologists | photograph Dagmar Baumann 2013

floor and brushstroke

floor view

during the installation

Kathrin during the installation 5 feb 2017